What is GRP?

GRP - Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic

GRP or Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic is a composite of ‘E’ type glass reinforcement and resin. The glass fibre reinforcement forms the structure of the product, whilst the resin holds the composite together. Depending upon the environment into which the product is intended to be used, a range of resins are available to suit the requirements. For instance:

  • In a chemical processing plant a higher grade of resin maybe required to prevent corrosion.
  • Where there are potentially flammable products a fire retardant inhibitor maybe required.
To see some of the structures and products we  design and manufacture from our production facility in just outside Bristol, click here

The following links, provide information on GRP’s Fire Retardancy and a Non-Corrosive Properties: 

GRP Platforms
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