Case Studies

GRP Case Studies


Location: Blackfriars Station​

Balfour Beatty Civil Engineering

Blackfriars Station

  • In 2011 Racolin Ltd were approached by Balfour Beatty to design and manufacture an alternative to the existing design of concrete chamber walls at Blackfriars Station.
  • The original designs were very time consuming with each wall requiring a few days to build the shuttering, cast the wall and then strike the shuttering. With 70 walls to construct on a limited timescale, and on a high profile project in the heart of London, a much quicker GRP solution was offered by Racolin.
  • The GRP walls were made in our factory in Clevedon and were sent to site ready to install as soon as they were required. Each wall was unique, as not only did the dimensions from location to location vary, but the walls also had to allow for various types of ducts to pass through, at specific locations.
  • Racolin are proud to state, that all walls were delivered to site on or before schedule and that every wall fitted perfectly into its location!

With Acknowledgement to Network Rail and Balfour Beatty Civil Engineering

Airport Fire Training Ground


  • As the major supplier of its range of GRP products to Jersey, Channel Islands from 1983, Racolin Ltd was consulted at an early stage in the design  of this innovative fire training ground, which would incorporate the use of GRP. Racolin worked closely with the main contractor during the construction timetable.
  • Due to the careful site measurement of the curved drainage channel by Racolin Ltd, it was possible to pre-fabricate the complex form and supply to site for installation.
  • Any minor adjustments required due to any slight variations encountered could be made easily using simple hand tools.
The worlds most advanced airport fire training ground when opened in 2004 With Acknowledgement to Jersey PSD Channel Islands
Aerial View
Chequer Plate covered drainage channel
Structural Chequer Plate covered drainage channel
Access Platform to Attenuation Pond

Location: Jersey​

Platform Decking
Drainage Channel
Drainage Channel Section
Platform Decking

Location: Aust and Chepstow

Second Severn Crossing


  • GRP was selected in preference to stainless steel because it was not only more cost effective, but the material would have an inbuilt colour without future painting.
  • The ease of drilling on site enabled the curvature of the concrete structure to be easily followed.
  • The GRP flooring on the maintenance platforms was selected for its permanent non-skid grit top surface which was important in the conditions.

Siemens Gas Turbine Platform

Abu Dhabi

  • When faced with the problem of reducing the weight of the Gas Turbine, Alstom Power decided to replace the steel platform structures with an equivalent in load bearing glass fibre which would be lighter. The first difficulty they had to overcome, however, was to select a specialist GRP manufacturing company which was also capable of providing both the structural calculations and drawings as well as having the ability to supply the end products which had to fit the existing prepared steel work. Racolin were able to fulfil the customer requirements and complete the project within a period of 8 months.
  • In 2004, Racolin Ltd were invited by Siemens, the new owners of Alstom’s Gas Turbine business, to visit Abu Dhabi and advise in the final stages of GRP assembly.
GRP support structure and handrailing
GRP handrailing and grating
GRP support structure and grating
GRP support structure and ladders

Location: Abu Dhabi

Staircase, Grating & Handrail
Launder Channel, Cable Tray & Handrail
Grating & Handrail
Staircase, Grating & Handrail
Grating & Cable Tray

Location: Bellozanne Jersey​

Water Treatment Works

Bellozanne Jersey

  • The experience gained by Jersey Public Services Department from 1983 to 1992 in the design and use of GRP products supplied by Racolin, ensured their incorporation in the Bellozanne Treatment Works expansion which took place in 1994.
  • The liaison with the main contractor MJ Gleeson (Jersey) enabled a smooth completion of the supply to be carried out to programme, with Racolin providing the GRP installation drawings.
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