Weir Plates, Scum Boards & Launder Channels

Racolin GRP weir plates, Scum Boards and Launder Channels are a perfect alternative solution to steel options. Not only do they last longer, they are lightweight, easier to handle, easier to fabricate on site and flexible enough to suit most curves or imperfections.

Key features:
Key features:

Polyester resin.
Glass reinforcement: E Type chopped strand mat, or woven glass fibre to BS 3496 and BS 3749.

Surface Finish
Gel coat/Flow coat resins to BS 3532. All cut edges are fully sealed with polyester resin.

Throw Brackets
Stainless Steel, galvanised steel or GRP adjustable throw brackets at 1000mm max centres with a throw between 100 and 300mm

Grade 316 stainless steel fixings and expansion/resin anchor bolts.


Launder Channels

Custom moulded in approximately 2m segments with 50mm joggled overlap joins
Available with Stainless Steel and GRP wall mounting brackets
Straight or Curved sections can be manufactured to suit requirements

GRP solutions

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