Customer-made GRP ship type ladders

Ships ladders or companion way ladders provide an improved means of access over our standard ladders when room is available.

We offer full AutoCAD design drawings, which are produced for approval prior to manufacture and where possible, we conform to all necessary British Standards.

When it is practical, we assemble all ladders in our factory, to ensure a perfect fit on site.

Key features:
  • Ships ladders are available at a slope of 65° to 75°
  • Heights up to 3000mm, rest platforms to be fitted for greater heights
  • Width between 450mm & 550mm
  • Designed to customers requirement.
  • Stair treads can be open grid or solid top.
  • Structural supports and stringers constructed using pultruded sections.
Key features:
  • High visibility yellow handrailing.
  • High visibility yellow integral sight bars on stair treads
  • All materials and designs conform to British and European Standards.
  • Grade 316 stainless steel Fixings and brackets
  • Full technical design service
  • Complimentary landings can be provided if required.
  • Easily assembled.
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