GRP Palisade Gates & Fencing

Racolin GRP Palisade gates and fencing has been developed as an alternative to steel palisade fencing due to its non-conductive properties. In appearance it looks very similar to the steel palisade fencing and it has been designed as close as possible to BS1722 part 12: 2006 (though due to the nature of GRP it is not possible to conform completely). It is supplied in kit form for site assembly and is put together in a similar method to that of its steel equivalent.

Usage of GRP Palisade Gates & Fencing:

  • Boundary Fencing
  • Track side Fencing
  • Enclosures
  • Schools, campus or industrial sites
  • Chemical, Electrical or Gas sites
  • Airports or defence sites (GRP is also radio translucent)

Advantages of GRP Palisade Gates & Fencing:

  • Non-conductive for areas of touch potential.
  • Minimum life expectancy of 30 years under normal conditions
  • Easily assembled on site.
  • Easy to cut and drill on site should any obstacles be encountered.
  • Much lighter components than steel
  • Stainless steel fixings and bases for extended life expectancy.
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