GRP Grating and Open Grid Flooring

GRP Grating – Racolin’s 38mm square open mesh industrial gratings have the advantage of being equally strong in either direction and therefore have a wide range of applications in corrosive situations. The grating can be easily fabricated on site and its uses include flooring, stairs, walkways, trench covers, and screens.
Structural plate applications include floor sheets and load bearing areas. Non-structural plates applications include covers and cladding

Solid Top Flooring – a composite of the open mesh grating and a thin skin of grit plate, integrally moulded on the top surface. The result is a solid floor covering, with a strength superior to both the grating and the laminated plate. Solid top flooring is especially suitable for walkways where persons with high heels are likely to walk.

Vent Grilles – Racolin’s 70mm square open mesh grilles were designed to provide a covering to an underground car park, which prevents members of the public from falling through whilst providing a minimum open area for the fumes to escape. Other applications include: filter media support and screens.

  • Open square mesh design equally strong in either direction.
  • Non slip grit top surface or meniscus non-gritted finish
  • Wide range of resins including general and Isophthalic polyester.
  • Available with an integrally moulded solid top grit plate which increases strength.
  • Non fire retardant, or fire retardant class II and I (BS476 Part 7).
  • Standard colours, but other colours on request.
  • Grating conforms to BS4592 Part 6 2008.
  • Easy to fabricate on site.
  • Grade 316 stainless steel fixings.
  • Full technical design service.

Stainless Steel Grating Fixing Details


Type 1 ClipsSaddle Clip + Fixing
Type 2 Clips – Saddle Clip + Under Clip + Fixing
Type 3 Panel Joining Clips2 x Saddle Clip + Fixing (only suitable for bar to bar joining, not suitable with exposed fingers)
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